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Taylor Swift, PR Princess

Taylor Swift’s PR Playbook: Masterful Moves from a Marketing Genius


Taylor Swift’s PR Playbook: Masterful Moves from a Marketing Genius

We’re on the hunt for a PR Summer Intern in Austin, Texas.

Here are a few ways to help prepare for the holiday season as public relations specialists within the hospitality industry.

Discover the magic of Fabrik’s PR campaign that ignited Austin’s plant-based revolution. Dive into our blog to uncover the strategies that put this gem on the map.

Public relations is more than simply getting your client in the news – it requires fostering authentic and long-term relationships with industry peers.

We’ve stopped asking “when will robots replace us?” and started asking “how can I use the robots to my advantage?” In the world of public relations, here’s how we’re using AI tools to make us more efficient and productive at work.

The role that public relations has for clients can seem confusing and unclear for those who don’t have hands-on experience with it. In this blog post we are going to discuss the power that media mentions hold for our clients.

We’re on the hunt for a Public Relations Senior Account Executive in Austin, Texas.

Integrating your business into tools like Skimlinks can make or break your national media success. Is your business up to speed?

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