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The Power of Media Mentions

The role that public relations has for clients can seem confusing and unclear for those who don’t have hands-on experience with it. In this blog post we are going to discuss the power that media mentions hold for our clients.


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“What exactly is PR?”

A question that all publicists are very familiar with. When trying to explain to friends and family, the explanation can be daunting because the truth is publicists wear numerous hats. After giving a long winded answer on what you actually do as a publicist on the day to day, it finally comes down to, “what’s the point?”

This is a topic that we could speak endlessly about and the power of media mentions in our markets is monumental. The simple and most thought of answer to this question is that public relations is all about building and maintaining a positive reputation within a community. This answer is 100% correct but media mentions go far beyond just reputation. Communities, especially one’s like Austin, are built on entrepreneurs, creatives and dreamers. 

While communicating with the media, publicists have the opportunity to effectively articulate the messaging of their clients. By hiring a PR agency, our clients are giving themselves a space to be able to express their creative ideas and spread the word about the concepts that they have poured their heart and soul into creating. This is the bottom line of why we do what we do. 

Throughout the past couple of years the value of the media was also extremely evident as everyone was navigating the terrain of the pandemic. More than ever, communicating how our clients were handling uncharted territory was essential in overcoming the challenges of the pandemic and showing what they were doing to support the community during a time that was difficult for so many. 

Media mentions play a dynamic role for all of our clients.

Whether a client is thriving within their craft or maneuvering through uncertain times, this gives clients the power to control their messaging in an effective and creative way. 

– Heather Bugni

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