Client Success Story: Fabrik Opening

Discover the magic of Fabrik’s PR campaign that ignited Austin’s plant-based revolution. Dive into our blog to uncover the strategies that put this gem on the map.


The PR Journey Behind Opening a Plant-Based Restaurant in Austin

Austin is known for its vibrant food scene – and as an agency that specializes in restaurants and hospitality, Resplendent Agency has opened some of the finest establishments in the city. Recently, we worked with the team behind Fabrik to open their fully plant-based tasting restaurant in the late summer of 2023. So let’s dive into the PR journey that helped introduce Fabrik to the Austin community. 

Crafting the Narrative

The first step in our PR campaign was crafting a compelling narrative that would resonate with the Austin community. As the first 100% plant-based upscale dining room in Austin, we wanted to emphasize Fabrik’s commitment to sustainability and low-impact cuisine. We crafted key messaging and a press release that highlighted the restaurant’s upscale yet approachable dining experience, locally sourced ingredients, biodynamic wine selections and innovative menu that showcased the versatility of plant-based cuisine.

Building Awareness Through Media Relationships

As they all say, PR is all about relationships – and for Fabrik, it was crucial to tap into our strong connections within the Austin food community. We curated a targeted list of local food journalists and influencers to share the announcement of Fabrik’s opening, resulting in opening features in notable outlets such as Eater Austin, CultureMap Austin and Edible Austin. We also invited select media and influencers to tastings so they could experience the culinary creations for themselves and coordinated interviews with the culinary team behind Fabrik; as a result, the restaurant received high reviews and dedicated press in outlets like Tribeza and InsideHook


Our opening campaign for Fabrik resulted in reservations being booked through mid-September – more than one month after the restaurant would officially open its doors in early August. Throughout our campaign, we secured nine press hits (including features) with nearly 150 million impressions and growing. We also coordinated VIP visits with local and national media such as Austin Monthly, Tribeza, Forbes and more, spanning beyond our campaign due to limited reservation availability. 

Today, Fabrik stands as a shining example of how a plant-based restaurant can boldly introduce itself to a city rich in culinary experiences. It’s a testament to the fact that great food, a commitment to sustainability and a well-executed PR strategy can come together to create a buzzworthy opening that appeals to a diverse audience. 

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– Kayla L.

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