3 Mocktail Recipes We’re Sipping on in Damp January

These mocktail recipes are all the buzz (without the buzz)


We’re in the post-holiday stretch, which means we’re embracing a more moderate and mindful approach as we’ve entered the new year. While Dry January has become an annual tradition for many, Damp January has emerged as a noteworthy alternative, prompting us to reevaluate how we approach conscious alcohol consumption with approachable bumpers.

So whether you’re participating in Dry or Damp January or have embraced sober curiosity as a lifestyle, we’ve got you covered with our favorite mocktail recipes you can make at home (or enjoy on a night out in Austin).

Glitter & Marigold from The Roosevelt Room

This mocktail is inspired by an Orange Julius.

a photo of the Glitter & Marigold mocktail from The Roosevelt Room. A tall bamboo tiki glass to top a table filled with an orange, creamy mocktail, topped with an orange peel rosette and straw.
Photo Credit: Eric Medsker

*Build in a small shaker. Fill the shaker with ¾ full of crushed Ice, shake vigorously for 3 seconds and pour into a tall glass. Top with crushed ice. If you want to get real fancy and attempt an orange peel rosette (pictured above), we’re not going to crush any dreams over here! But for us, we’re simply topping it with an orange peel and a dash of cinnamon at home.

Sicilian Punch from Juniper

A light and refreshing mocktail with a bright aroma and herbal backbone

a photo of a Sicilian Punch from Juniper. A red mocktail in a coupe glass on a table garnished with mint leaves
Photo Credit: Consumable Content

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake, and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with mint. Simple, yet complex – we love to see it.

Fluffy Orange Mule from Uncle Nicky’s

A Mule is an approachable at-home cocktail, so why not try it non-alcoholic?

a photo of a fluffy orange mule mocktail from Uncle Nicky's. A tall glass on a table filled with orange juice and grenadine.

Juice 2-3 oranges into a beer glass. Add ginger beer to a glass filled with ice and top with grenadine. Garnish with a lemon wheel and ginger candy.

There you have it, our recommended Damp January mocktail recipes. Whether it’s finding alternative ways to socialize without relying on alcohol or indulging in the latest alcohol-free culinary delights, Damp January encourages us to consume in moderation and create mindful habits.

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