Threads: What You Need to Know About Meta’s New Social Media Platform

Meta’s newest app, Threads, is here and we’re diving into the features and future of the text-based social media platform.


Earlier this month, Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s Parent Company launched a new, text-based app called Threads. The anticipation around the new app has been swirling since Meta began development in early 2023. This only escalated when Twitter limited the number of posts users could see on July 1–leading to Threads launching a few days before they had initially announced. After its launch on July 5, Threads quickly became one of the most downloaded apps in the United States. They reached 100 million users within the first five days of existence through “mostly organic demand,” according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Taking Social Media Back To Being Social

Threads is currently all about community, Mark Zukerberg stated in a post last week that “The world needs a friendly public space for conversation. If we do this well, then Threads can be that space.” The new app allows users to share posts with up to 500 characters which can include multiple images and videos up to five minutes long. 

Almost every major brand under the sun has started developing a presence on the new social platform. We’ve seen brands reusing viral tweets and jumping on the silliest Threads trends. Since the app is so new, it feels like the early days of Twitter and Tumblr–no ads, just vibes.

What To Look Out For On The Newest Social Media Platform

Our personal favorite feature on Threads so far are the carousels. Unlike its sister app, Instagram, Threads allows users the ability to post carousels with different aspect ratios. So you won’t have to worry about cropping all of your photos down to a square when you do your next photo dump! Videos also are not cropped in feed. When scrolling, you might scroll by a 9:16 ratio video in a Thread and you can tap on it to watch it full screen.

There are still many developments to come and the app has already gone through one update with bug fixes. For social media managers the biggest challenge is that Threads does not have the functionality to allow you to switch between multiple accounts which is something that Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, mentioned is something that they are working on to get updated within the app. A few other additions that users can expect from the new app are editing capabilities, a following feed and much more. Since the launch, Threads has added the ability to utilize the app on the web, send Threads via Instagram DMs, and view posts that you have liked.

So How Should You Use Threads?

Our advice would be to make new friends, hop into conversations and Thread into the void. We’re excited to see what new features will come to the new app in the future!

– Jacqueline Fierro

This article was updated to include additions to the app in August 2023.

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