How To: Create The Best Fall-Inspired Content

Get creative with your content this fall season! From aesthetically pleasing Reels to trendy TikToks, utilize these tools to make the most of this season’s trends.


Despite the 90-degree weather — fall is here, baby! While Texas continues to deny the facts, we have three very important indications that we have approached spooky season. Take a peek at the content below!

Starbucks has launched the fall menu. Run, don’t walk, to get that Pumpkin Chai. 

Caitlin Covington announced she’s about to head to Vermont to do her ICONIC fall photoshoot. 

Hop on social media. You can practically feel a cool breeze, see the Old Navy sweaters and taste the pumpkin through the screen.

Let’s Get Into That Fall [Content] Spirit!

With fall upon us, we wanted to give some tips & tricks to capture the perfect content for the season. We know — you’ve seen the beautiful images and the perfectly crafted videos, all of them so wonderfully curated, that it almost captures the childlike wonder of Halloween. Almost

And while replicating this content feels borderline impossible — we’ve nailed down all the simple tricks to bring fall to your profile. Whether you work in social media, or are interested in sprucing up your personal page, we’re listing out some of our methods that can make your page give off that mystical, magical feeling of fall.

#1. Content:

Make sure the content is relevant! Whether you’re creating recipes perfect for the fall, taking a video of the leaves changing, or making a video of what you’re going to wear for Halloween — make sure that your message of the post is pertinent to this year’s fall. Here are some options: 

  1. Fall Recipe Video
  2. Fall In [Your City] 
  3. Fall Lifestyle 
  4. Fall Trader Joe’s Haul

#2. Music:

Thanks to TikTok + Reels, music is everything. Finding the correct trending audio, or even the audio with 5,000 uses that’s *about* to blow up, can make or break your entire video! Check out some of our favorite seasonal sounds: 

  1. Gilmore Girls
  2. Hocus Pocus 

#3. Trends:

Never underestimate the power of a trend! Hopping on a new trend or making relevant content with a long-standing trend is a great way to make your content stand out. We listed out some of our favorites:  

  1. Location 
  2. Run To [Store] 
  3. Fall Fits / Haul 
  4. ABC Dating

There you have it! Go create some aesthetically pleasing fall content — your followers will be grateful. And happy fall! 

– Skyler M.

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