How to Utilize Canva for Marketing

A guide to mastering Canva design tools for social media marketing and beyond. Learn tips and tricks for effective marketing strategies.


Understanding Canva

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, or simply looking for a way to elevate your content, look no further than one of our favorite tools—Canva. Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that makes it simple to create graphics, presentations, flyers and more. The tool is perfect for both beginners and professional users who are looking to create eye-catching designs. 

While Canva may seem like a simple tool, there are a variety of applications that make this tool efficient and effective for marketing purposes. Whether it be the branded templates or simple collaboration between teams, Canva is a beneficial tool every business should take advantage of.

Canva For Marketing

Create Useful Brand Kits

Canva is great for creating brand kits for clients or projects you are working on. Brand kits can be used within projects as they hold the colors, fonts, designs, and layouts that are commonly used for individual projects. Brank kits are useful for building out consistency and convenience.

Video Creation:

Most people recognize this tool for flyers or graphics, however, it can also be a great tool for creating video content. Video content can be a great way to diversify your portfolio, especially on social media. This tool makes it simple by keeping all of your photo and video assets in one place.

Easy team collaboration:

Because Canva works on most devices and saves all designs on the site, it makes working with collaborators much easier than before. For team marketing projects, all it takes is a simple invite to allow others to collaborate on the work you create. This makes reviewing, editing, and finalizing projects faster than ever.

Graphic templates:

Canva is ahead of the game with pre-sized social media templates. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook all have their own templates that can be used for cover photos, reels, and stories. This makes creating graphics quicker and easier than ever. Social media managers will never guess about sizing or designs again with this essential feature.

Using Canva

With new features and templates available frequently, there are endless ways to elevate your business’ marketing on social media and beyond. Get started creating here. Canva is a free tool, however, with a paid plan, it offers more access to design features such as background remover, AI photo generation, and a larger library of graphic elements. 

Questions about how you can utilize this tool in your social media strategy–reach out to our social media experts!

– Lila V.

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