Resplendent Press Highlights of 2021

We’re proud to work with clients who are doing exciting and meaningful things. Here are the press highlights we secured for our clients in 2021.


We’re so grateful to work with clients that are doing awesome things, and we believe the world needs to hear about it. In 2021, we collaborated with our clients to identify unique and newsworthy stories to pitch to our media friends, and with a strategy in place, we were able to secure some meaningful press hits.

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite pieces of press we secured for our clients this year. We even made some exciting relationships with very talented new writers in the process! 

In 2021, our clients weighed in on larger conversations, like the importance of vaccinating restaurant employees, how folks can support local farms and how to uplift and empower underrepresented genders

We secured product spotlights in national outlets:

Media wrote features on the people behind our client’s concepts and shared their stories and expertise with the world:

We helped new concepts open with a bang:

And we even dabbled in some interior design fun featuring our client Campfire & Co.’s modern workspace:

We can’t wait to see what exciting stories 2022 will bring for our team and our clients. Thanks for following along!

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