Resplendent Hospitality 2021 Year in Review

A look into Resplendent’s accomplishments and highlights from the past year.


At Resplendent, we left 2020 humbled and with many lessons learned and applied in 2021. As we headed into this year with two offices, and a third on the way (hello Virginia!), we focused on company culture with flexibility in mind, working smarter and not harder and ushered in a new set of core values that have served as our north star. As we approach our 10-year anniversary we’re reflecting on our origins as a traditional public relations agency in 2012 and how we’ve expanded our services and reach to include organic social media management, photography, creative direction and overall digital marketing. Just in this past year we’ve gained new insight on the best way to service and work alongside our clients. 

We’ve partnered with over 60 clients in 2021 across Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, New Jersey, and the Virginia/DC area. We launched new cocktail bars and restaurants, announced a new arts organization, new grills, and CPG products to the national market. We’ve had big press and social media wins and have brought on non-profit clients that align with our mission and DEI goals. Like most companies, we’ve navigated working from home and introduced a hybrid work from the office model and now know it will never be perfected. PLUS, we survived the snowpocalypse and were able to do some good for our community. 

Thanks to everyone who made this year what it was, and here’s to another great year ahead of us!

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