Resplendent Hospitality Charity Partner Spotlights: Q4 2021

We value as a company giving back to the community and partnering with organizations that align with our mission and core values. Here’s a glimpse into some of the organizations and nonprofits we support as a company.


Here at Resplendent, giving back to the community is important to us, and it’s something we take seriously as a company throughout all of our offices. We believe that by collaborating with, giving to, and getting to know other organizations and nonprofits that align with our missions, we are able to grow as a business and better serve others in our community.  

Every quarter, Resplendent donates to an organization in both Arkansas and Texas that align with our mission. As a corporation, we believe that feminism is for everyone, Black lives matter, LGBTQIA Rights are Human Rights, Mental Health is important, no one should go hungry, and that everyone should have equal access to vote. With this in mind, our past and current charitable giving recipients demonstrate these values in their work, employees and company goals.

This year, we have partnered with The Urban League of the State of Arkansas, Lifeworks Austin and Little Pedal Alliance to receive our donations. Learn more about them below.

The Urban League of the State of Arkansas is a registered non-profit organization created around improving, advancing and obtaining equal opportunities for all citizens, with a specific focus on areas of health, jobs, education and housing. They work to advance economic and social prosperity for all Arkansas residents by creating and improving access to opportunities through advocacy, community partnerships, programs, and services. The Urban League of the State of Arkansas’ values revolve around human compassion, access, opportunity, trust, commitment, integrity, transparency, service mindedness, and equity. To learn more about The Urban League of the State of Arkansas or to donate, please go to or click here.

Lifeworks Austin is a nonprofit organization that works to provide a pathway to self-sufficiency for youth and families who have faced or are facing homelessness, trauma or abuse. They are committed to innovative problem solving, shared accountability and a relentless focus on achieving real, sustainable and measurable results for the clients they serve. Their work is based on a foundation of three values they have set for the Austin community’s youth; everyone deserves a home, everyone deserves to work, and everyone deserves a chance to heal. To learn more about Lifeworks Austin or to donate, visit or click here

Little Petal Alliance is a nonprofit organization that assists BIPOC and trans individuals by providing a comprehensive mental wellness package including therapy, employment connections and resources to help combat dysphoria for those experiencing it. This is Little Petal Alliance’s holistic approach at helping an individual and their ability to find employment and/or maintain their mental health. Little Petal Alliance is a registered 501c3 organization, and its founders do not accept a salary from this organization. To learn more about Little Petal Alliance go to or click here

Moving forward, we have plans to work with and grow our relationship with nonprofit organizations like Arkansas Soul and E4 Youth. 

Arkansas Soul is a nonprofit digital media platform geared toward BIPOC – primarily by BIPOC- in Arkansas that works to create an empowering and comfortable space for Arkansas residents within the BIPOC community specifically when it comes to Arkansas news, local events, and stories on health, wellness, art and culture. Their mission is to share, produce, and support all forms of digital media for diverse audiences in Arkansas, while recovering the histories and underrepresented stories of diverse audiences in regional pockets through the state. Arkansas Soul wants to highlight the beauty, culture, and power behind minority populations thriving. Arkansas Soul is built on three mission statements; to connect with Black and Brown voices, to mentor and support emerging journalistic talent, and elevate minority reporting to mainstream media. To support Arkansas Soul or learn more about their work or goals, please visit or click here.

E4 Youth is a nonprofit organization that has helped thousands of youth, ages 16-22, learn to engage, educate, employ and empower themselves; hence the name E4 Youth. E4 Youth uses the arts, sciences, and technology to help youth find and pursue pathways to successful careers in the creative economy through hands-on training, active mentorship, and exposure to real world opportunities. E4 Youth also has “Get Creative Enrichment Clubs” which are based at six major minority high schools throughout Austin and the surrounding area, which have served over 100+ students within the past year. They’ve also partnered with the University of Texas at Austin to expand to more students and reach more youth. E4 Youth is also the leader in youth creative workforce development in Central Texas. To give to E4 Youth or to learn more about their mission, please visit or click here

Lastly, we’re always on the lookout for new organizations and nonprofits to support. Do you have any favorites that you feel would align with Resplendent’s mission? We’d love to hear from you, as we’re always open to suggestions for folks to support in the future! Shoot us an email at [email protected] with the subject line “Charity Partner Suggestion” if you’ve got ideas for us! 

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