We’ve Got a Refreshed Look!

Resplendent celebrates ten years of business with a brand refresh!


Resplendent celebrated ten years of business in January – a milestone we are immensely proud of. And since then, we’ve been working hard on a brand update that will keep us fresh as we look forward to the next decade. With the new branding, comes an updated name. We’ve dropped hospitality and will simply be Resplendent moving forward. Very Cher of us, yes? 

But seriously, while hospitality is our roots and the core of a great part of our work, it does not fully encompass the breadth of our portfolio. Our Arkansas and Virginia offices have expanded our horizons, partnering with clients in the cannabis, real estate, design, non-profit and community-based sectors. These new industries have been at once challenging and rewarding. And we know our backgrounds in hospitality have primed our team to execute solid work with customer service at its core. 

You can expect to still know about the best cocktail bars, restaurants and venues in Austin by following us, and you’ll also learn about new arts organizations, the latest in medical marijuana, and community organizations we care deeply about. 

We wouldn’t have this gorgeous new look without the help of our incredibly talented graphic designer Katell Schmitz and her partner Jon Scmitz of Reverie Lane. And most of the images you see on our site are possible due to the creative [Austin-based] genius of Mackenzie Smith Kelley. Both Katell and Mackenzie approached our project with a level of introspection and beauty that we couldn’t have imagined. It’s been a team effort to launch this together. 

Stay tuned for the latest in our client’s happenings, news from Texas, Arkansas and Virginia on the job and press front, and subjects we just care deeply about. We couldn’t be happier you’re here 🖤.

Ali & Mary  

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