Meet Virginia

We’re growing! Introducing our newest office location, Richmond, Virginia!


Our Third Office in Richmond, Virginia 

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia! Something I [Melissa Grady, Vice Prez] am ecstatic to say on behalf of Resplendent Hospitality. While our expansion is still a work in progress, the idea of our firm having a presence in the river city has been a long time coming. 

So how did we get here? I’ll try to keep it brief, but if you know me, you know that isn’t my strong suit. 

Having moved from Richmond to Austin in 2014 with a dream and a cardigan, I knew pretty early on into our move that my husband and I would eventually end up back east. Year over year, it got harder to leave – convincing ourselves that we didn’t miss Virginia that much, so we continued to stay. But then came 2020. Having sat isolated from our families for nearly 9 months, the global pandemic made the decision a no-brainer for us and we made the 1,500-mile trek back home with a plan in place to expand Resplendent’s presence. 

So here we are – office number 3! Richmond oozes cynical charm, jaw-dropping architecture and the food, my god the food. Our team has already had the pleasure of creating a national campaign for Red Rooster Coffee (Floyd, Virginia) and Campfire & Co. (Richmond, Virginia), and social media content for Don’t Look Back (Richmond, Virginia). We’re continuing to learn what our new community wants and needs within our focused industries of food & beverage, spirits, travel & hotels, wellness, cannabis and consumer packaged goods. We continue to offer PR & marketing, social media, photography, event production and influencer marketing, and look forward to what’s to come as the city is continuously evolving. 

Want to work with our VA office? Give Melissa a shout at [email protected]. And it would be amiss if we didn’t provide a little guide in case you’re visiting Richmond. Here are a few of our favorite spots:

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