5 Different Types of Reels For Your Small Business

While marketing on Instagram is ever-evolving, data shows that the latest of the trends that you have to jump on to effectively boost engagement and impressions is short-form video content – or in Instagram’s case, Reels. Here are our favorite ways to utilize Reels when managing an Instagram account for a small business.


Let’s be reel: The Instagram Reels feature can be daunting if you have never played around with it. We are here to help you utilize this nifty little marketing tool that lives in your Instagram app, and even better; how you can use reels in multiple ways to boost your marketing efforts. 

Regardless of your business, a good reel can be an effective way to showcase your products, services, space, events, and brand as a whole. Video content has been growing businesses on social media platforms, and is a surefire way to grab the attention of your audience and give them an in-depth look into who you are. According to Sprout Social, 91% of active users watch videos on IG weekly so having a video marketing strategy is crucial in this day and age.

This trendy Instagram tool gives you an easy way to display who you are, what you do, and why you do it: all through a firsthand visual representation and of course, a trending song. According to the Search Engine Journal, video posts on Instagram get 2x as much engagement as other post formats. Reels are giving companies a simple yet effective marketing tool to boost engagement, and it’s just sitting in your back pocket. 

So how can you utilize this tool? Here are our favorite 5 types of reels for small businesses: 

A Tour – Cork & Barrel

Display a Space: Give the people what they really want – a virtual tour! These tour guides give you a first hand look into the space, and give a good visual representation of the place. 

Product Showcase – El Naranjo

Present a product: Showcase your product through visually appealing content! This will give your audience more motivation to get into the store or restaurant to try this particular product that they just saw on their Instagram. 

A Recipe – The Bu 

Demonstrate the product’s uses: show the audience how they can use this product in their day to day life! This gives the audience some inspiration for how to use the product once they purchase it — bonus points for making it look equally as tasty as it is grid-worthy. 

Humor – La Panadería

Get funny and creative: use popular trends to showcase your niche! Get your engagement rate high by using content with funny trends that people will share with their friends. 

A Recap – Fayetteville Roots 

Recap an Event: Show off the occasion! For these reels, you can use photos and videos to portray the event and finish it off with a trending song. These reels give you the feeling that you were there, and make you that much more incentivized to attend the next event. 

Our tips and tricks to tackle your first Reel: 

  1. Keep it simple. Most of the time, a single-shot video with trending sounds performs just as well as an edited one. Pick a clip, add some music and post! Your first Reel will most likely perform well because the Instagram algorithm likes to boost it so you’ll continue to make Reels. 
  1. Quality matters. While TikTok has adopted the quantity over quality mindset, Instagram is not quite there yet. Make sure you’re recording your videos with a good camera and a steady hand – or a steady tripod. The more visually appealing it is, the more likely the audience will enjoy the content. 
  1. Make your Reels on a separate platform. The Reels editor is not very forgiving, so we recommend combining your clips in an alternative video editing platform – our favorites are InShot and CapCut. Once you have created your video, then upload it to the Reels editor in Instagram to add your trending song. 
  1. Have fun with it! Reels are supposed to showcase your brand in a more authentic and digestible way – make sure your Reels are staying true to the brand, and appearing fun and inviting to the audience. 

So there you have it! Get out your camera, start filming and watch your engagement grow  – it’s Reel-y that easy.

Skyler M.

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