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We’re Hiring! 

We’re on the hunt for a Content Strategist in Austin, Texas.


Content Strategist

Austin, Texas

Resplendent Agency

Company Overview

We are a dynamic and results-driven public relations agency specializing in the hospitality industry. We strive to create impactful campaigns that generate media buzz, enhance brand reputation, and drive business growth for our clients. With a dedicated team of PR and social media professionals, we work with a diverse portfolio of travel and tourism, food and beverage brands, restaurants, culinary events, CPGs, and hospitality establishments to develop and implement strategic communication strategies.

Position Overview

We are seeking a talented and experienced Content Strategist with a strong background in the food and beverage or hospitality sectors. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional social media skills, a deep understanding of industry trends, and a proven track record of delivering successful social media campaigns. As a Content Strategist, you will play a vital role in managing client accounts, creating social strategies, crafting content calendars and managing influencer partnerships. This position offers an exciting opportunity to work with renowned brands and contribute to their growth and success.


Client Management

Social Media

Influencer Marketing

Team Leadership and Collaboration



Team Culture: We’re all about values. Here are ours:

Perks & Benefits:

To Apply:

Please send your resume, portfolio, and salary requirements to [email protected].

Case Studies

Check out our work and its impact.

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