Five Instagram Updates You Need to Know for 2022

Instagram is always changing with new features and updates. Here are the most beneficial updates that you need to know for 2022.


With its ever-changing algorithm and new features rolling out every week, it can be hard to keep up with all of the latest Instagram updates. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top five recent updates that you need to know about to prepare your content strategy for 2022. 

Link Button in Stories 

In what is possibly Instagram’s most highly anticipated update, the platform finally rolled out Link Buttons to every account, regardless of follower count. To add a link to your story, simply click the sticker button in the top right navigation menu, and click on the “Link” button. From there, you can copy and paste your URL into the text box, and you even have the option to customize the text that is shown on the button itself.

Collaboration Posts 

Instagram’s new collab feature enables two users to “collaborate” on a single Reel or in-feed post, meaning the post will show up on both collaborator’s pages, will be shown to both of their audiences, and collaborators will be shown as co-authors of the post. To add a collaborator to your post, simply click on the “Tag People” button when posting and toggle from “Add Tag” to “Invite Collaborator.” Your collaborator will then receive a notification to accept the collaboration and the post will be published. Wondering when you would ever use this feature? Collab posts could be a great way to execute partnerships with other brands or giveaways with influencers! 

Editing Carousel Posts 

Have you ever pressed publish on a carousel post only to realize that you forgot to include an image – or worse, that you included something you didn’t mean to? We’ve got good news for you! Instagram now allows users to edit carousel posts by adding or removing content. You can even reorganize the order of your content, or replace the cover image with something that fits better within your grid. For a great tutorial on how to edit carousel posts, click here

Scheduling Live Videos & Practice Mode

There’s nothing worse than logging onto an Instagram Live that you’ve been planning for weeks just to realize that no one else got the memo. Luckily, Instagram now allows users to schedule their upcoming Live Videos so their followers can plan in advance to attend. To schedule a live video, swipe over to the Instagram Stories panel, toggle to the “Live” setting on the bottom of the screen, and select “Schedule” in the left toolbar. From there, you can schedule Live videos up to 90 days in advance! Instagram will give you the option to share a countdown to your story, or to share a post that will allow your followers to sign up to receive reminders before you go live. They’ve also recently introduced “Practice Mode,” in which you and your guests can join a live video before it begins, to make sure everything is good to go before you go live to the public. (Say goodbye to technical difficulties and awkward intros!)

Add Yours Sticker 

The “Add Yours” sticker is an interactive new feature within Instagram Stories that encourages users to upload photos in response to prompts. For example, a user might post an #OOTD prompt sharing their outfit of the day, and other users would be able to add on to the sticker with their own outfit photos. For brands and businesses, this can be an innovative way to collect user-generated content and to incentivize followers to showcase their brand organically. For instance, a clothing brand may use this feature to ask people to share photos of themselves wearing their clothes, while a restaurant may prompt followers to share photos of their meal. The opportunities are endless! 

It’s safe to say that Instagram was feeling generous this holiday season with these new updates, and we’ve heard whispers of some even bigger changes coming to the platform in 2022 (including chronological feeds and 60-second video stories). But for now, be sure to take these updates into consideration as you plan your content for the year ahead. 

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